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How Paintless Dent Removal Works & Removing Dents From Your Car Body
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As far as body damage goes, shallow dents are really no big deal. They affect the outermost layer of the car only and their negative repercussions are mostly aesthetic. That is, of course, assuming the impact was soft enough that the paint remained intact -- and that's the assumption we'll be working with for the rest of this article. If your car's paint was chipped or cracked as a result of whatever unfortunate incident occurred, it's not a candidate for paintless dent removal. (Paint repairs are a lot more involved, and can become much worse if the exposed metal is not fixed quickly.) It's not unusual to get dents that don't damage the paint surface, because modern automotive paints are formulated to be extremely hard and resilient.
Like most car repairs, you have two options: Bust out your toolbox or hire a pro. This job will require special tools, although they aren't expensive. At least at first, that is ... and assuming you use them right. But if you're the type who regularly dings up the family car or has bad luck with stray shopping carts in parking lots, learning to perform paintless dent removal might be worth the investment in time and money. Maybe you'll even find out you've got "the magic touch" with sheet metal.

There are a number of mobile dent removal specialists who will use tools from the back of the panel to push out the dent. Alternatively you could use a dent puller which is a M shaped device with a screw handle. You glue the central stem to the dent using a specialist heat glue. When it is set you undo the screw and the dent will pop out. You then use a glue remover and just polish off the panel.

Paintless dent removal is much much cheaper than using a bodyshop and should be your first port of call if you have a minor panel dent.

Another method of dent removal involved the use of a hot air gun or hair drier. Heat up the panel as much as possible and then spray on CO2. This will freeze the panel and the sudden temperature change will often cause the panel to flex back into shape. This will not damage the paint and will either work well or not at all so you will not risk damaging the panel. A fire extinguisher, or an inverted camera air spray cleaner, can which contains CO2 can be used. DO NOT TOUCH THE liquid CO2 or Nozzle of the sprayer.